Saturday, March 10
Bellot Idovia Foundation Fundraiser
Will Bellot & Ezili Racine Drum Ensemble
with El Wah Movement
Mystic Man & Lakay

Haitian dance & drum troupe

Haitians and supporters celebrate their culture in this fundraiser that includes Mystic Man & Lakay, plus Will Bellot & the Ezili Racine Band, and Colette & El Wah Movement bringing in Haitian dance and drumming, providing the full Haitian experience.

Local Afro-Caribbean band Lakay, led by Mystic Man, uses its music as a force to unite diverse souls and strives to carry that ethic to its audiences and to the larger world. The nine-member group’s funky and dance-oriented music incorporates a broad range of styles - calypso, reggae, soca, kompa, soukous, highlife, dancehall, and more. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Mystic Man writes and arranges original songs for Lakay that draw on folkloric traditions from his Haitian homeland.

Founded in 2005 by dancer and choreographer Colette Eloi, El Wah Movement, which means “movement of the soul,” presents traditional Haitian folkloric dance and fusion pieces using traditional African movements to create choreography that applies to modern life.

The Bellot Idovia Foundation’s goal is to help build sustainable communities in rural Haiti. It was started by Antoine and Will Bellot, two natives of La Toti, Haiti. Currently it works with the people of La Toti to implement community development and infrastructure projects that empower Haitians to rebuild and maintain their communities in order to secure their futures. Projects include replenishing devastated natural resources and preventing future flooding through tree-planting projects and building rainwater catchment systems, canals, and irrigation systems.

Doors at 8:30 pm
Show at 9:00 pm

$12 advance & students
$15 day of show